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Motor Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Amputation and Loss of Limb

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Motor vehicle accidents can cause horrific injuries, including amputations. Amputation can happen during the accident, or be required as a medical treatment due to the severity of injuries, such as crush injury, sustained in the accident. Amputation affects your life in many ways. There are the physical consequences, the changes to your abilities and how you live every day. You may be coping with other serious injuries at the same time. And, you face the psychological effects of losing a limb or body part – all on top of the financial consequences of your injuries.

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Amputation Consequences and Complications

Whether it is the loss of a single digit or more than one limb, amputation changes your life and can have serious medical complications. More extreme amputations, especially when paired with other serious injuries, can have very severe consequences. Consequences and complications of amputation in a car accident can include:

  • Including infection from amputation surgery, infection much like that in severe burns caused by road rash, and skin breakdown at the amputation site.
  • Muscle weakness, fatigue and stiffness. Muscle atrophy is common during initial recovery from an accident, due to immobility. After amputation, this makes it even more difficult to adjust to the extra work required when compensating for the missing body part.
  • Phantom limb pain.
  • Psychological consequences. Amputation can come with severe psychological effects. You’ve lost a part of yourself, and may be suffering from extreme impairment as well as disfigurement.

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