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Protecting Dad’s Rights

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Family Law |

In the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, you rarely heard about fathers fighting for custody of their children during a divorce, and a father gaining sole custody of a minor child was practically unheard of.

But times are changing, and with gender roles becoming much less traditional, more and more people working from home and salaries of men and women being more equitable, divorce courts are changing around the country. Men are speaking up for themselves and men are fighting for the custody of their children, and many men are winning. If you’re a dad who wants to fight for the right to see his children as much as their mom gets to see them, you will need a divorce lawyer who understands the importance of fighting for fathers’ rights to see their kids.

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It’s no longer the agreed-upon belief that mothers need to have their children and that fathers do just fine to see them a couple of times a month for a few hours and holidays every few years. That’s an antiquated way of thinking, and families, lawyers and judges are all recognizing the importance of having both parents be an active part of their children’s lives.

What Should Dad Do?

Except in extreme circumstances when a father is not a fit parent, men deserve the exact same rights as women when it comes to custody and visitation of their children. If you’re a man trying to get custody or visitation of your children during or after a divorce, a good divorce lawyer will make these recommendations:

  • Don’t separate from your children: Don’t leave the house or force your spouse to leave especially if you are getting along amicably. You want to be seen as a constant force in your children’s lives. Leaving the house and moving to a different city or state makes that virtually impossible.
  •  Start recording every exchange: Keep every email, text, voicemail, etc. from your spouse or children. Keep the good and the bad communications. In the same vein, be very careful what you say, text, and email. Your spouse will be keeping track of everything you say just as you are keeping track of what she says.
  • Insist on your rights: You have the same rights as the child’s mother, and you should insist on getting 50% of the parenting time, if this is what you think is in the best interest of the kids.
  • Strengthen ties with your children: Keep working on your relationship with your kids by nurturing and loving them. If your work took you away from your kids a lot, make an effort to change that. Everything about your life will come into play in divorce court. Absent fathers are less likely to gain full custody of their children, and shared custody may be hard to get, too, if you’ve not been emotionally and physically present. If your spouse has used the “D” word, now is the time to improve the bond with your kids.
  • Get the right attorney: In Shreveport, attorney J. Ransdell Keene will fight for your rights as a father.

Choosing the right attorney during this difficult time is crucial to getting custody of your kids. Call us today for a confidential initial consultation.