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Should I Handle My Own Car Accident Claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Were you injured in a car accident recently? Are you thinking about filing an insurance claim to recoup money for lost wages, medical bills, and other losses? If you’re wondering if you can go this process alone, it’s highly recommended that you do not pursue a personal injury claim after a car accident without the help of an experienced car accident attorney like J. Ransdell Keene.

Filing a minor car accident claim with your insurance company is a different thing altogether, and if you’re looking to get your car repairs paid for through your insurance company, that’s fine. However, you’ll need a car accident lawyer to sue the other party involved in your car accident whether that be an individual or an entity such as a government agency, manufacturer of a defective auto part, or a trucking company. An auto accident attorney will also help you get compensation for lost wages, any future medical bills, and even pain and suffering as a result of your car accident (if those losses are indicated in your particular case).

If your motor vehicle accident resulted in no injury or death, you should be able to handle filing a claim with your insurance company, unless that company refuses to act in good faith. At that time, you may want to make a call to a personal injury attorney who can represent you against an insurance company not willing to pay a fair amount of money to cover your losses.

No-Fault Insurance

If you live in what is called a “no-fault insurance” state, each driver files an insurance claim under his or her own policy regardless of who caused the accident. No-fault insurance claims for car accidents with no injuries or only minor injuries make things very simple for drivers. However, it’s not uncommon for a serious car accident to exceed policy limits; when that happens, you may have to go after the other driver’s insurance company to recover additional compensation, and you’ll need a lawyer to do so.

When losses and damages exceed policy limits, things get much more complicated, and that’s when a personal injury attorney’s expertise is absolutely necessary. A skilled car accident attorney knows how to deal with the complex maze of legal language and maneuvers necessary to get what you deserve following a car accident resulting in serious injury or death.

What You Can Do After a Car Accident

What you can do to help yourself is to go through the proper channels right after the accident. Call the police and get a report on file. You must then contact your car accident company. You should get contact information from any and all parties involved in the accident and get the information of any eyewitnesses. You should make notes regarding the weather conditions and road conditions at the time of the accident. Was traffic bad? Was it dark? Was a stop sign obscured? Was a traffic light out of order? Try to find out if there are any security cameras in the area of the accident that may have caught a play-by-play of what occurred. All of these things will be valuable information for your car accident attorney.

Refrain from commenting on or posting photos of your accident and injuries. Don’t ever admit fault either in person or in a social media post. Don’t discuss the idea that you may sue following a car accident, and don’t downplay your injuries or exaggerate your injuries or the severity of the accident. Everything you do and say following the accident will be seen and heard by the “other side” and possibly any judge or jury hearing your case.