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Fighting To Get Injured Workers Their Deserved Benefits

If you have been injured on the job, you need help with your medical bills and making ends meet while you cannot work. In Louisiana, workers’ compensation pays for your medical care and replaces a part of your lost income if you are eligible for benefits. Most injured workers qualify for these benefits. However, your employer’s insurance company may try to fight your claim. The Law Offices of J. Ransdell Keene can help you get maximum workers’ compensation benefits so that you and your family can get back on your feet.

Not A Lawsuit

In Louisiana, a workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit. It is an insurance claim. It does not involve blaming your employer for your injuries, and you do not need to prove fault. Like most states, Louisiana requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect employees who are injured on the job.

The law protects workers and employers. Injured workers can start receiving benefits quickly without the need to prove fault. At the same time, the law protects employers from lawsuits. If you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you are barred from suing your employer.

Why You Still Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Even though it is not a lawsuit, your employer’s insurance company – and even your employer – may try to deny your claim or cut off your benefits before you are well enough to return to work. There are several common tactics for denying claims, including claiming that you are not an actual employee or that your injuries are not work-related. If you have started receiving benefits, your employer or the employer’s insurance company may try to say that you have recovered or reached maximum medical improvement when you have not.

Our experienced Shreveport workers’ compensation lawyer can help you file your claim correctly, protect your rights and make sure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. If you have already filed and it was denied or are receiving less than you should, it is not too late for us to help.

You Don’t Pay If You Don’t Get Paid

If you need workers’ compensation benefits, you cannot afford to shell out cash for a lawyer. You do not need to. We only get paid if we win money for you. We do not charge you hourly attorney’s fees. Our fee is a percentage of the benefits that we recover for you. Louisiana law caps the fee at 20%.

Free Initial Consultation With A Shreveport Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been injured on the job in Louisiana, you have a short amount of time to file your claim. Please call J. Ransdell Keene, our experienced Shreveport workers’ compensation lawyer, at 318-480-0000 right away. You can also send us an email with your contact information.